Barossa Gin School

Barossa Gin

Barossa Gin School

4hrs of hands on Gin Crafting

This is where each ‘Distiller for the day’ will be guide through the process of making their very own Gin from scratch. No blending a pre-made spirit here folks You’ll begin your journey with a walk through the botanicals. Why we use them and which ones have become the most popular over the centuries. Learn about the different aspects of flavouring and why Juniper is cornerstone of all Gin. Of all the Gin joints in all the world!!  Sorry about that, got a little carried away!

The fun be gins as you select your botanicals and place them in your still. There’s a bit of time to relax while the burners start the heating process. It’s about then that we’ll sit down to a delicious two course meal and a G&T while one of two things will happen. One, I’ll start chin wagging about the history of Distilling and why I love it some much or, two, someone else will find an engaging topic and we’ll enjoy ourselves that little bit more!

After lunch and once the stills have warmed through you’ll engage in the collection process and learn the techniques of the modern distiller. How we know where we are in the distillation. What each stage can tells us about the botanicals we’ve selected and how long we have left in the run. You’ll be standing next to your still, collecting your spirit run, when slowly you’ll become surrounded by the aroma of botanicals. This is magical part when the room fills with a riot of fragrances. Juniper, Coriander, Cassia, Vanilla, Coffee notes.. as you can tell I love my job!

We’ll collect each spirit run until the flavour starts to feint. Then we use the science and wonder of modern technology to test the strength of your freshly distilled alcohol. Finally we’ll determine how much to knock it back to bottle strength ready for, you guessed it, bottling time. The final step is to name your masterpiece and hand in your record sheets.

We keep a record of all your ingredients in case you want to order another bottle or come back and nudge that recipe one step closer to perfection!

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